Just tried the EsySuit today and I must say that my first impression is that it is an exceptional tool. It has several advantages, each step of the way. The biggest one is that it saves a lot of time for draping out my off-table anterior hips (2 minutes down from 7-8 minutes). There is also some time saved during the procedure by having both legs draped.
From the circulator’s perspective, there is less surface area to prep so it is quicker as they only have to prep the dorsal surface of the leg. Additionally, they do not have to lift up the nonoperative leg which helps save the nurse’s back.
The scrub tech only has to have one drape open as opposed to down sheets, table covers, sticky Us, Ioban, etc.
Our PA today said that the procedure was less fatiguing to her because she did not have to wrestle with the operative leg as she normally has to. Since both legs are prepped free, we figure-of-4 the operative leg under the contralateral leg which frees up and arm for her.

This one drape will also replace the following: 3 down sheets, 1 table cover, 2 sticky blue U drapes, 1 stockinette, and 2 Ioban sheets. That, combined with the significant time savings, leads me to strongly favor this product for anterior hips.

“My first impression is that the EsySuit is an exceptional tool”

Richard Southgate MD
Orthopaedic and Fracture Specialists
Portland, Oregon