One minute draping system


Safe and user-friendly draping in less than 1 minute with the EsySuit 

The time needed to perform the surgery itself is usually fairly constant. The time needed for preparing the operating room and the patient however is subject to variability and therefore less predictable. A significant amount of OR time can be saved by standardizing the draping procedure with the EsySuit™. Not only is the draping time reduced to less than 1 minute but the disinfection of the patient is much less time consuming.

The EsySuit™ delivers a positive contribution to the optimal use of the resources and the associated efficient functioning of the OR.

EsySuit™ applications

EsySuit Knee
EsySuit Lateral
EsySuit Supine
EsySuit Table

Why use EsySuit™

Ease of use

Due to the unique patented design, the EsySuit can be applied in less than 1 minute. Even when the OR occupancy is subject to variability, the application of the EsySuit is quick and easy to master.

Optimimal staff allocation

Compared to traditional draping, the number of handlings with the EsySuit is reduced to a minimum. As a result, different processes run parallel which creates an optimal OR Pulse

Increased ergonomics

The EsySuit is designed in such a way that lifting patient’s legs for preparation and draping is rarely necessary. Nurses are therefore hardly ever exposed to a non-ergonomic position while applying the EsySuit.

Time saving

The EsySuit is a one drape solution in which incision window and foil* are already integrated. This allows a standardized and reproducible way of draping which is a crucial part of an efficient and profitable OR. *Not applicable on EsySuit Knee

Environmentally friendly

The EsySuit generates on average 66% less waste than the current standard draping. Nevertheless the EsySuits efficiently covers 9.6m². Hence the EsySuit makes a positive contribution to waste and cost management.

Improved efficiency

The efficient functioning of the OR, without compromising on safety for both the patient and the personnel is paramount for every hospital. The EsySuit makes an essential contribution to this goal.

EsySuit key features

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