EsySuit™ FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the EsySuit™

Yes you can. The EsySuit™ is made in such a way that with good training and some practical exercises, it can be applied within a minute.

The disinfection of the patient is not included in this timing. For the EsySuit™ this is also reduced due to the specific application of EsySuit™ . For more detailed instructions, please study the videos on our website.

The EsySuit  range is Class I Sterile. For FDA this is Class II.

We have a range of EsySuit™. These are for general use within the arthroplasty procedure. Supine, lateral and traction table for THA, Knee for UKA & TKA, shoulder for TSA (launched in the near future).More info on our website.

The EsySuit supine, lateral and knee are single sterile packed per 5 in a box. The EsySuit Table is single sterile packed per 4pcs in a box.

The EsySuit  consists of 3 layers of material namely 2 impermeable layers of laminated 2SBL and a reinforcing and super absorbent top layer consisting of meltblown spunbound. This makes the EsySuit  safe to use with increased tear and puncture resistance. Of course, you should always pay attention where you place thesharp tip of the heatened coagulation to avoid perforations.

No the EsySuit™ is 100% Latex free.

Yes, there is an incision foil integrated. Because of possible allergic reactions to Iodine, it is not iodized and therefore neutral. (Not applicable for the EsySuit Knee)

In principle, this is not necessary. Some surgeons still use an anesthesia drape to make a separation between the operating table and the anesthesia area. 

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