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What does Medenvision do?

Medenvision is a private company with limited liability, with registered office at Nieuwlandlaan 101, 3200 Aarschot, with company number 0842.505.475, and is a Belgian company specializing in the development, production and distribution of medical products.

The contact person for all your questions, requests or complaints about the processing of your personal data at Medenvision is:

Name: Dries Goyens

You can also always contact us on our general e-mail address or by telephone: +32 (0)16 23 75 27.

Medenvision processes personal data of natural persons in the context of its activities, including natural persons, hospitals, customers, staff members, applicants, etc.
Medenvision maintains a strict privacy policy in accordance with the GDPR regulation.


Which personal data is being processed by Medenvision?

Medenvision processes the personal data necessary for the execution of its agreements that are concluded in the context of its activities, and also processes the data that are necessary for Medenvision to carry out its (commercial) activities.
It may be for example your name, first name and contact details, but also your choice of language, your company or VAT number, your bank account number, credit card number, email address, etc. But also the communication you have with Medenvision as current or potential partner, participant, applicant, customer, person involved, etc.
Medenvision occasionally processes sensitive personal data in the sense of the GDPR, if necessary.


Legal basis and purposes of processing

Processing in the context of intended or current agreements is the most important legal basis for data processing by Medenvision and its members.
If necessary, your additional, explicit and specific consent for the processing of your personal data will be requested in accordance with the GDPR. A given consent can in principle be withdrawn free of charge and electronically, unless of course there is another legal ground for the processing.
In this context Medenvision of course notes that Medenvision or its members can also process your data from a ‘legitimate interest’ ground. For example, Medenvision can inform you about new, interesting offers and promotions for you (in your established/potential relationship with Medenvision). Medenvision will, as in the past, of course always do this within reasonable limits and never in an aggressive or undesired way.


Source of personal data

Medenvision obtains the personal data they process, in the first place of the natural persons themselves (directly). Of course we never abuse this data.


Duration of processing

Medenvision does not retain the personal data it processes for longer than necessary for the purposes of the processing.
In principle, Medenvision does not retain the personal data for more than 10 years from the moment the data was obtained. If necessary, eg. In case of legal proceedings, it is possible that the personal data must of course be kept longer.
Medenvision’s does not retain personal data from its employees longer than five years after the termination of the employment contract / service agreement, except in the case of legal proceedings, in which case the data can be processed up to three years after the final settlement.
Any sensitive data will only be kept for the duration necessary for the performance of the contract concerned or as long as it is necessary to maintain it in one way or another.
Medenvision keeps the personal data they process up to date and knows or corrects them where necessary.


Security of personal data

Medenvision guarantees the integrity, security and confidentiality of the personal data, both technically and organizationally. Medenvision stores important / sensitive personal data on its own secure servers or on secure third-party servers.


Processing by / transfer to external partners

In first place, Medenvision processes the personal data itself (both internally and externally for information and communication purposes). Medenvision and its members only pass on data to third parties if this is necessary. Only the data that are strictly necessary is, of course, communicated.
Medenvision also transfers personal data to external partners, but this to the extent that this is necessary for the performance of its activities and task as developer, manufacturer and distributor of medical products. Medenvision and its members can also share data if necessary.
The transfer of personal data to foreign parties outside the EU can prove absolutely necessary for the implementation of the agreement in the context of the execution of certain contracts, and you also give permission for this processing.
If Medenvision transfers personal data to someone outside the EU who is not on a list of ‘safe countries’ (in the context of the GDPR), then it will enforce the appropriate security guarantees to the extent possible.
Medenvision sees to a maximum that the external partners who process personal data or who are (co-) responsible for data processing, comply with the provisions of the GDPR. To this end, the aim is to conclude as many ‘processing agreements’ as possible with the main partners.


Your rights under the GDPR

Medenvision guarantees that you, as an involved natural person, can exercise the rights that the GDPR grants you (information, access, copy, improvement, rectification and right ‘to be forgotten’, restriction of and objection to processing, transferability of data).
You can exercise your rights free of charge and electronically via the contact information stated above. Medenvision can charge you an administrative fee in case of excessively demanding requests.



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A complaint or question about your personal data?

Your contact at Medenvision has already been communicated above. If you have a complaint, you can also submit it to the supervisory authority. In Belgium this is the Data Protection Authority or GBA ( That is the new name for the privacy committee. You can also always file a case with the national courts.

Version of this privacy statement

This statement was last updated on January 01, 2020.