New EsySuit™ Shoulder

We created a new solution!

In the past year, we have received many requests from surgeons as well as our distributors to add a shoulder drape to our product range.
We have taken this request to heart. You will be able to order the brand new EsySuit™ Shoulder soon. It combines the unique characteristics of safety and ease of use (1-minute-draping) that distinguishes our EsySuit range. 


The EsySuit™ Shoulder reduces draping time to less than 1 minute and shortens disinfection time. It makes the time needed for preparing the operating room and the patient efficient and predictable. EsySuit™ Shoulder contributes to the use of resources and the associated efficient functioning of the OR.

Why use EsySuit™ Shoulder?

Due to its unique patented design, the EsySuit Shoulder can be applied in less than 1 minute. Even when the OR occupancy is subject to variability, the application of the EsySuit Shoulder is quick and easy to master.

Compared to traditional draping, the number of handlings with the EsySuit Shoulder can be reduced to a minimum. As a result, different processes run parallel which creates an optimal OR Pulse.

The complete EsySuit range is designed in such a way that nurses are hardly ever exposed to a non-ergonomic position while draping the patient.

The EsySuit Shoulder is a one drape solution with an integrated incision window and foil. This allows a standardized and reproducible way of draping which is a crucial part of an efficient and cost-effective OR. 

The EsySuit™ range covers less m² and therefore generates less waste than traditional draping solutions. EsySuit™ makes a positive contribution to the OR waste and cost management.

The efficient functioning of the OR, without compromising on safety for both the patient and the personnel is paramount for every hospital. The EsySuit™ range makes a positive contribution to this goal.

Safe and user-friendly draping in less than 1 minute with the EsySuit™

 The EsySuit™ Shoulder is a new positive contribution to the optimal use of the resources and the associated efficient functioning of the OR. Along the EsySuit Shoulder we have 4 other draping solutions in our portfolio, discover them on our EsySuit™ page, or contact us directly for more info. 

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