The Gripper and EsySuit @Manhagen Klinik

- The success story of an early adopter: dr. Bongaerts -

Keen on innovating and improving his practice, dr. Bongaerts from Manhagen Klinik was one of the first adopters of the Gripper and EsySuit. He has not stopped using MedEnvision products ever since. 

We are very grateful for the extensive testimonial that dr. Bongaerts shared with us, together with his orthopaedic team and management staff. They discuss how MedEnvision has enabled them to make better use of time and people. It is valuable feedback from a team of top-tier professionals in orthopaedics and hospital management. 

The Manhagen clinic (Hamburg, Germany) has consistently been among the Top 10 quality hospitals in Germany for many years. It has one of the highest case numbers in orthopaedics.

Take a look.   

Key Points

High Volume Surgeon

Dr. Genio Bongaerts, specialist orthopaedics and trauma surgery.


Since 2015 Dr Bongaerts' team at Manhagen has been succesfully working with the Gripper™ and EsySuit™.

Award Winning Hospital

Manhagen has been among the top 10 quality clinics in Germany for years.

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