I first visited Dr Kristoff Corten in 2015 after seeing his fabulous internet videos. The EsySuit was my first adoption of his technique and it was a game changer. Prior to the EsySuit draping an anterior total hip was an ordeal. Staff and visiting surgeons cannot believe the elegant simplicity of this unique product. It definitely saves at least 5-10 minutes per case and allows bilateral THA with one drape and setup.
in 2018 I traveled to Belgium once again to become facile with the bikini incision. Upon returning home I transitioned to two Grippers. This little plastic retractable “key fob” as I call it, is pure genius. Now all of Kristoff’s EDA teaching and results fell into place. I typically do DA hips on a standard OR table in 45-60 minutes with these innovative products. Kristoff’s technique is simple, efficient and highly reproducible. Limb length restoration and stability assessment are a breeze. The ultimate beneficiaries have been my patients. Less soft tissue trauma and less OR time translate into better outcomes and quicker recovery. In my ambulatory surgery center this has been even more important as we need efficiency, low cost and quality outcomes to justify outpatient arthroplasty and make it financially feasible.

“These groundbreaking inventions have transformed my total hip practice”

Pasquale Petrera, MD
Salisbury, Maryland, USA