As one of the most important areas of a hospital, operating rooms (ORs) contribute to both workload and revenue. Enhancing the workflow in the OR not only helps increase turnover but also reduce post-operative complications, improving patient-centred outcomes and delivering greater patient satisfaction.

MedEnvision has a strong motivation to optimise the productivity of ORs by introducing innovative products in combination with a standardized workflow that eliminates as many variables as possible before and during surgery.

MedEnvision offers two flagship products: Gripper and EsySuit.

Currently MedEnvisions CE and FDA approved products are offered in 26 countries through a worldwide selective distribution network. MedEnvision focuses on the creation and distribution of innovative products that improve OR efficiency, staff allocation, and ergonomics as well as patient health outcomes. Human capital is the most important resource in the OR so it is extremely important that people can function optimally.


The Gripper allows a stable retractor positioning so that nursing staff can now be deployed much more effectively during other parts of the procedure or in preparation for or during other operations. 


The time needed to perform the surgery itself is usually fairly constant. The time needed for preparing the operating room and the patient however is subject to variability and therefore less predictable. A significant amount of OR time can be saved by standardizing the draping procedure with the EsySuit.


The Esy (Efficient SurgerY) Solution is a bottom-up, multi-disciplinary methodology that reduces operating room variables to optimize “ergonomics” and “parallel processing”.

The ultimate goal of parallel processing is the creation of a positive “Esy OR Pulse” which indicates that none of the team members are delayed in their consecutive tasks. Delays within the processes are thus minimized. The Esy Solution lead to optimized efficiency, improved staff ergonomics, optimal staff deployment and optimized infection control.

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