Prof. Dr. Kristoff Corten

Orthopaedic Surgeon

ZOL Genk, Belgium
  • Prof. Dr. Kristoff Corten is a fellowship trained surgeon who specialized in joint reconstructive surgery of the hip. He focused on muscle-sparing surgery of the hip joint, both for joint preservative and for joint reconstructive procedures.
  • He focused on the anatomy of the capsular releases to further refine and optimize the Direct Anterior Approach (DAA). Within his PhD-thesis he conducted cadaver and clinical research that revolutionized the anterior approach on the regular OR-table.
  • With the development of instruments such as the Gripper and the EsySuit, and the standardization of the surgical steps of the DAA procedure, Prof.Corten further optimized the OR-setting of the DAA. He focused on team work, instrument tray reduction and process optimization. He developed the Efficient SurgerY (ESY) Solution of which parallel processing is the most important key-feature. The Efficient Direct Anterior (EDA) Hip has become the first procedure that bears all the features and instruments of the ESY Solution.
  • Prof. Dr. Corten welcomed hundreds of visiting surgeons from all over the world over the past years. He is (co-) author of over 60 scientific papers and textbook chapters. He is an invited speaker at many world class meetings such as the annual DAA ICJR meeting in Houston.
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