About us

Our mission

Our mission is to support surgeons, their teams and hospitals worldwide with efficiency optimization, meaningful staff reallocation, improved staff ergonomics and infection control in the OR. It is with these concerns in mind that we design and develop new products that make the processes in the OR simpler and more effective. The Esy Solution™ concept and the use of EsySuits™ and Grippers™ offers a pragmatic and result-oriented solution with Evidence based outcome.

The MedEnvision’s principles and values, forms the basis of our social responsibility. Every MedEnvision Group team member is committed to following
anytime and anywhere these principles, which make us a trustful partner for stakeholders and guarantee the company’s long-term performance.

Our values

All MedEnvision employees, service providers, distributors and suppliers share our values, based on five fundamental Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pillars:

Our principles

Our principles are based on our values

Respecting and listening to people

Listening and respecting the stakeholders

Building trust in supplier partnerships

Developing the skills of employees

Acting with integrity

Aspiring to sustainable development

Ensuring the safety of our employees during their activities

Identifying and controlling environmental risks related to our activities

Complying with laws and regulations, including an anti – bribery and ethics clause

Ensuring the security of our assets through the respect for confidentiality

Respecting human fundamental rights

Fighting fraud and corruption

Following voluntarily the ethics of the Group


Do you have an idea that can improve your daily life as a medical professional but you are not sure about its feasibility and marketability?