Making your product reach its full potential

Fast-track development

Swift decision lines

Commercial network

Getting a product to the market is hard

We are more than happy to help, depending on what you are looking for:

Are you looking for a distribution channel for your product?

Our mission is to support surgeons, their teams and hospitals worldwide with efficiency optimization, meaningful staff reallocation, improved staff ergonomics and infection control in the OR. To do so, we have built solid commercial networks in the EU and US, and an operational presence in many other markets.

Your ambition is to get your product to customers. If your product fits our mission, we are genuinely interested in taking your product onboard and support its sales globally. Drop an email or give us a call. We’re happy to talk. No strings attached.

Are you looking for a partner to make your idea happen?

Here are a number of questions that we will typically work on with you:

Taking a step back to understand what problem we are solving is the essential first step of any fast-track development process. Problem discovery opens up creativity and allows us to have a common appreciation of the full value for customers. It is also fun!

You have given your idea a considerable amount of thought and want to take it a step further. We will give you all the comfort you need to have an open discussion with us by signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and discuss intellectual property issues early on. Trust is important.

Before a MedTech hardware solution becomes real and hits the market, we need to know how the business case is likely to play out in terms of funding, manufacturing, distribution and compliance. We take the profitability and feasibility questions off your hands and provide you with swift feedback.

Developing a MedTech product requires excellent engineering, quality testing and compliance processes, while manufacturing takes top quality industrial partners. Getting it to customers requires solid commercial networks in the EU and US. MedEnvision makes sure you don’t have to worry about that.

Take advantage of our know-how

We at MedEnvision have unique expertise of turning a great idea into an actual marketable product. By working with us, we’ll provide you with three solid pillars of our know-how.

Fast-track development

Development needs to be fast and lean. We work with the best engineers in the field. Constant feedback and efficient iteration are keystones of our development process.

Swift decision lines

Getting an idea to market requires a lot of decisions along the way. Because of our combined experience and flat structure, we make decisions faster.

Commercial network

Marketing and distribution are a crucial part of any successful product. With the extensive commercial networks that we have built over the years we can ensure a smooth sales pipeline.

MedEnvision is here to support surgeons and their teams with hardware that brings efficiency optimization, meaningful staff reallocation, improved staff ergonomics and infection control in the OR. Our aim is to listen and co-develop ideas with you. The development of the Gripper is a perfect example of our all-round approach for making an idea reaching its full potential!

Understanding the problem

In order to appreciate the value of your idea to the fullest, we systematically map what its potential users are functionally and emotionally trying to achieve and in what kind of real-life contexts. The more we understand, the better we can make the product fit. It is also a first feedback moment.


Developing solutions & Business case

We take a fresh and creative look at the idea and how it fits actual problems of users. Often useful variations will come up and sometimes great alternatives arise. We then challenge ideas on whether a good fit with our manufacturing, distribution and business case requirements is plausible. A second important feedback moment.


Design, testing and prototyping

MedEnvision works with the best engineers in the field to design, build and test prototypes of new product ideas. We iterate as efficiently as possible, focused on alignment with actual problems. This may for example involve cadaver testing or dummy testing in an OR environment. The end result is a clear decision on initiating our manufacturing, quality control, distribution, marketing and sales processes. A milestone!

Provide us with your contact details and our team will reach out to you in person real quick. We are looking forward to meet you!

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